Peter is partner and chief executive officer at GlobalX Legal Solutions, Australia’s leading provider of legal and conveyancing software. Peter is a regular media commentator on topics related to Australia’s first digital conveyancing platform, PEXA, which will indelibly change the way Australian property settlements are processed, and due diligence considerations for property investors.

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Jackson has spent the last two years writing about real estate and technology for Rex Software and In particular, he focuses on the shifting landscape of the industry and how new technologies can help agents and agencies now and into the future.

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Based in Melbourne, we administer Funds for clients all over Australia. We have helped thousands of SMSF investors establish and manage their SMSF's since 2006. ESUPERFUND does not provide Investment Advice to clients as our clients are largely DIY Investors who prefer to make their own Investment decisions for their SMSF, rather than pay excessive fees to Advisors.

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As one of Beller’s senior sales consultants, Damien has an impressive track record of achieving excellent results and delivering high quality service for all of his vendors. Focused and driven, he is a devoted agent with a reputation for honesty and unfaltering work ethic, with hundreds of property sales under his belt ranging from small apartments to multi-million dollar homes.

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Bax Window Solutions provide professional window cleaning services for Melbourne and the surrounding area. Whether you need one story or several cleaned, Bax can provide you with prompt, high quality, and most importantly, safe window cleaning services.

Find out more about professional window cleaning services on Bax Window Solutions's website today.


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Michael Fuller founded, creators of, a free property research web app used by over 13,970+ property investors and industry professionals to confidently decide where and when to invest. Boomtown uses powerful algorithms and 'machine learning' to rate and rank over 15,000 suburbs based on how they compare against 8 respected property statistics pulled from numerous online sources including the property portals. is the only property crowdfunding service in Australia using sophisticated algorithms to identify high-performing investments for their subscribers who wish to not only acquire brand new properties at 15-25% discount using 'passive co-development' but also targeted cash-only returns of 20% plus per annum.

In his formative career, Michael has held senior roles in international finance, banking and data companies in Cape Town, London, Brussels and Sydney prior to founding Hotspotcentral in 2009. He now lives on 5 acres in the Gold Coast Hinterland with his wife and two daughters.

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Drew Woods is the Principal Lawyer and co-founder of Ross + Daniels Lawyers. Ross + Daniels is a Melbourne based progressive Property and Commercial law firm specialising in property, commercial, litigation and private client matters.

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Many brokers don’t understand how to correctly structure a property investment purchase, because they don’t work in property themselves. Blackburne Mortgage Broking specialises in property financing, and has the deep experience to help you minimise your costs.

Our brokers work with all the major lenders to find you the perfect loan at a very competitive rate. They’ve proactively helped people pay off their mortgage up to seven years faster, saving tens of thousands in interest.

Whether you’re buying a property off-the-plan or refinancing an existing property, we have the expertise to help you make an informed decision.

We live to hunt down the best loan, and we think long-term. We understand that you may not be best served by just the lowest interest rate, but also by flexibility further down the track.

Whether you’re a first homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Blackburne’s attentive, personalised service will give you absolute confidence.

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Phillip Almeida is a director and part-owner of Performance Property Advisory.

An active property investor himself, Phillip brings with him a wealth of experience with the property investment market. He began his career with Portfolio Management Service in 2003, advising individual clients and accounting and planning firms in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout rural Victoria on quality blue-chip metropolitan residential and commercial investments.

In 2014 he joined Performance Property Advisory.

Phillip has a Master of Business (Property), Diploma in Valuations and is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA). He also holds Real Estate Institute of Victoria and REIV Industry Standards (CEA) licences.

His career has primarily been built on meeting the needs of medical professionals, farmers, graziers and professionals looking to access good quality investment advice as part of their long-term wealth creation strategy.

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Investo Property director Peter Gordon is committed to educating other Australians on why and how to invest in residential property. Holding a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Brokering as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning. He firmly believes that investing is based on numbers. Understanding your goals first, having the right finance structure in place, working on an investment property strategy on where and what to invest in, making sure you have a balanced cash flow and buffers in place today, tomorrow and for your future.

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Rakesh Gupta is the director and credit adviser at ARG Finance. He is an exceptional leader and is dedicated to providing a consistent support to his team. He is an innovator and looks for ways to improve on the current process. With over 8 years of experience, Rakesh brings a wealth of knowledge and works closely with his clients to fulfill their dreams. He is also a full member with MFAA.

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Robert is a Partner of McLennan Steege Smith & Associates (McSS) valuation and property consultants. He has over 35 years experience in all facets of the valuation field and is an Associate Member of The Australian Property Institute.

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Michael Cullinan is the director of Rapid Finance. Michael and his team are experts at finding suitable finance solutions for Australian businesses, families, and individuals.

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At Club Money, we provide Australians with short term cash loans.

Our commitment is to delivering quick and easy finance solutions while adhering to strict responsible lending policies. We help you to cover shortfalls in cash flow, without the hassle.

You can find out more about Club Money cash loans on our website.

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Buying a property in Melbourne can be a difficult process that many of us only undertake a few times in our lives. A Buyers Advocate or Buyers agent can assist for a variety of reasons including:

  • undesirable experiences with Real Estate Agents.
  • frustration with the time and effort involved in property transactions.
  • Confusion about how, when and where to buy a house.

Questions such as “is it structurally sound?”, “am I paying too much?” or “do I pay what the agent is asking?” are never far from the buyer’s mind and can all be answered with the assistance of our Buyer’s Advocates / Buyers agents.

A Buyer’s Advocate  can manage the entire buying process for you or simply manage the stages you would prefer to avoid.

Getting your weekends back by applying our wise experience in finding your perfect home in Melbourne. We can help you purchase a home with confidence as we guide you through each step from selecting the home, market appraisal, negotiate or bid at auctions. 

This article was written in collaboration with Mark Ribarsky, Senior Buyers Advocate and owner of Wise Real Estate Advice. To find out how you could benefit from an experienced buyer’s agent, visit the Wise Real Estate Advice website.

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Justine Stedman is the director and principal stylist at Vault Interiors. 

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Katherine Hawes is the founder and principle solicitor of Aquarius Lawyers.

With over 20 years’ legal, property and business experience, Katherine’s expertise lies in helping consumers understand the 'legals' in order to make the right decision and also providing access to affordable legal solutions. Lawyer, educator and speaker, Katherine is a director of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) Asian Pacific Chapter (APC) and also a Tradebusters Connect Top 3 Local Business Pick. 

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Michael has been helping people arrange finance for their property ownership dreams for thirteen years, and founded Love Home Loans in 2012.

His mission is to help his clients achieve financial security. Sometimes this requires creative thinking, sometimes sheer tenacity – but however he has to do it, he gets it done in an open and respectful environment.

Michael will always strive to get the best result for his clients no matter what they need.


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Hamish is responsible for overseeing Cromwell’s unlisted retail funds management business including retail investor relations, products and strategy. Hamish has 14 years of experience as a property and financial services professional in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

He is a chartered accountant, holds bachelor degrees in business management and commerce, and a masters of philosophy in real estate finance from Cambridge University.

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Co-Founder of Cubbi. Rent your own place on Cubbi without using a real estate agent. 

Started as a real estate agent nine years ago, Michael has been examining the property management process in Australia and finding ways to improve it. His goal is to make renting for both landlords and tenants a simple, streamlined process with Cubbi.

As a nationally licensed real estate agent, Michael relishes the task of helping people with all kinds of real estate issues. He blogs regularly at Cubbi to share property management tips and strategies which are important but sometimes overlooked.

Get bonus - Download the 4 bonuses from my 8 Step Guide to finding great tenants.

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BInvested is Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors to provide every service you need to start, grow and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio from start to finish. Their 3 step strategy for investing involves buying properties below market value, with capital growth potential and those which are slightly negatively geared to positively geared. This strategy has helped every member of BInvested build their own extensive portfolios.

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Sydney's Leading Buyers Advocate

When you’re looking to buy real estate, you quickly discover that it isn’t a level playing field.

Property sellers usually engage a real estate agent, whose sole aim is to get the highest price for their clients. These professionals know how to extract every last dollar from your pocket, especially if you have little or no experience buying real estate.


Now you can level the real estate playing field by engaging Aus Property Professionals as your buyer’s advocate. We are Australia's fastest growing buyers agency. Our Director Lloyd Edge is a very successful Property Investor and Developer and holds real estate licences in both NSW and Queensland.

Aus Property Professionals has a thorough knowledge of the Sydney and Brisbane property markets as well as key regional areas including Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central and South Coasts. We have buyer's agents strategically located on the ground in these areas to ensure our clients get exceptional service, value and great advice. Aus Property Professionals is also a member of Property Investment Professionals Australia (PIPA).

Aus Property Professionals knows how to buy real estate for the lowest price! And we can help you to avoid traps that can end up costing you many thousands of dollars. 

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