How to avoid buying the wrong property

How to avoid buying the wrong property

Peter Koulizos - The Property Professor


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If you want to grow your portfolio, you have to make sure you're purchasing the right property in the right area.

Some of the common pitfalls that property investors make - in particular beginning property investors - is buying the wrong property and buying the wrong property in the wrong area. Because of you to be able to grow your portfolio, you've got to make sure that your property grows in value. Now the growth factors generally are location, that is a key factor, and also the land component. For example, if you buy a brand new apartment you are going to have limited capital growth due to the limited land value. Whereas if you buy a home in a reasonable location then you are hopefully going to have more capital growth. So far as location is concerned, capital growth closer to the city or closer to the beach. So if you're looking to make a safer investment get something with a reasonable land value and also in a great location.

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