bathroom renovation

The bathroom is one of the most popular areas in the house for renovations—from simple modifications to complete remodelings. If done right, bathroom renovations will not only help you balance form and function but also increase the property’s value and improve its potential to make instant equity.

Apart from being a necessity in every dwelling, years of home improvement innovation made the bathroom a place of luxury and relaxation and, thus, a critical point of consideration for both tenants and home buyers. Naturally, adding that ‘wow factor’ without overcapitalising takes thorough planning for the improvement of aesthetics, functionality and overall home value.

Bathroom renovations highlight the effectivity of simple and strategic interior designing—from tilings and lightings to cabinet installations and colour applications. For instance, using light colour schemes, installing floor-to-ceiling windows and strategically-placed mirrors will give the illusion of a larger space, while mixing-and-matching different types of tiles will not only promote a creative ambience but will also influence the room’s resistance to water penetration and surface stains.

Smart Property Investment (SPI) explores the different ways that investors can make the most out of bathroom renovations without breaking the bank. Through a wide range of advice from experts in the field of property, construction and design, SPI shares valuable tips on setting a good layout, picking the right tiles, colours and installations and ultimately making your bathroom a star of your home.

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