Buyer's agent with homeowners

7 ways a buyer’s agent might be better than buying alone

Grace Ormsby
1 minute read

7 ways a buyer’s agent might be better than buying alone

Buyer's agent with homeowners
by Grace Ormsby
September 27, 2019

Time-poor or just unsure? Whether you are looking at buying your first property or pondering a new investment, a buyer’s agent might be a worthwhile investment for you to consider.

Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory has provided seven reasons why a buyer’s agent service can be useful for anyone looking to take their next step in the property world.

1. Improved access to property

Brady Marcs has said that a buyer’s agent can provide an individual with access to all properties that are or might be available, especially the properties that are off-market or pre-market.

2. Professional support


No one wants to make a “bad” buying decision.

By using a buyer’s agent, an individual has access to a dedicated property professional who can make sure they don’t make a wrong move and guide them to a good outcome.

3. Better negotiating power

Use of a buyer’s agent can provide a person interested in making a property purchase with stronger negotiating power, and oftentimes confidence that you will not overpay, the advisory explained.

4. Auction support

Ever felt fearful at an auction? Brady Marcs explained that by using a buyer’s agent, a potential property purchaser can take away the emotion and possible feelings of discomfort associated with bidding at an auction.

5. Time saving

For those who just don’t have any time to try and find the perfect property, a buyer’s agent can be a valuable resource for time-poor people.

6. Privacy

“A buyer’s agent offers a discreet buying option for people who want privacy,” the advisory touted.

7. Local expertise

Finally, one huge benefit that buyer’s agents can provide property purchasers is their ability to offer local knowledge and expertise, especially when geographical challenges may exist between the would-be buyer and the location in which they hope to make a purchase.

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