Rental yields fall below 2pc in some suburbs

Australia’s lowest rent yielding suburbs are split between four capital cities.

Six of the 10 capital city suburbs with the lowest rental yields are in Sydney, CoreLogic RP Data statistics for February show.

Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth also make appearances, but Austral (City of Liverpool) and Potts Point (City of Sydney) in Sydney topped the list with gross rental yields of 1.59 per cent for houses.

Potts Point fell from 4.85 per cent compared with February 2014. No figure for February 2014 was available for comparison for Austral, but in December 2014 the suburb boasted a slightly higher yield of 1.76 per cent .

Deepdene (City of Boroondara) in Melbourne was next, with a gross rental yield of 1.70 per cent for houses. No data were available for last year for comparison.

Kirribilli (North Sydney LGA) in Sydney produced a gross rental yield of 1.71 per cent, which was a drop from 3.71 in February 2014.

Glenorie (The Hills Shire) in Sydney recorded a gross rental yield of 1.73 per cent, down from 3.02 per cent.

In Adelaide, Walkerville's rental yield of 1.81 per cent was slightly down from 2.30 last year.

Burwood in Sydney recorded a rental yield of 1.84 per cent, a drop from 2.94 per cent last year.

Also in Sydney, Tennyson Point produced a rental yield of 1.91 per cent. This was a decrease from 2.44 per cent the previous year.

Eaglemont in Melbourne recorded a rental yield of 1.94 per cent, also a fall from 2.22 per cent.

The Perth suburb of Peppermint Grove rounded out the top 10 lowest rent-yielding suburbs in Australia.

It produced a gross figure of 1.95 per cent, down from the 2.28 per cent recorded in 2014.

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