Top 10 most desirable property features

By Staff Reporter

The 10 most popular characteristics Australian property buyers seek out have been revealed by a new survey, but one commentator says we’ve got it slightly backwards.

A recent survey of over 1,000 home buyers across the country found that the top 10 most desirable features in a new home are:

  1. Air conditioning: 65%
  2. Carport/Garage: 60%
  3. Garden/Backyard: 52%
  4. Solar panels: 33%
  5. Deck/Pergola: 24%
  6. Dishwasher: 17%
  7. Swimming pool: 17%
  8. Built-in barbecue: 4%
  9. Water feature: 2%
  10. Garden gnomes: 2%

Love Home Loans founder Michael Luca said the results were “funny” and home buyers’ priorities had missed the mark.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to pop down the road and buy the barbecue of my choice and a garden gnome if that’s what I really want – but they’re not the kind of features that should be selling homes,” he said.

“All but two of these are easy to change, add or install.”

Mr Luca said potential property buyers should instead be targeting six key attributes: location, aspect, size, noise, privacy and number of bedrooms/bathrooms and parking spaces.

Only once these boxes have been ticked should buyers worry about any extras, according to Mr Luca.

“Once you’ve found a property that meets your criteria in these areas, then take a look at the style and condition of the home and all the other features that make the property meet your taste,” he said.

“The styling will go as soon as soon as the current owner vacates, so try to look past that.”

Despite the research revealing what many potential buyers are doing wrong, Mr Luca said sellers could take valuable insights from the findings to achieve a higher final price.

“If you’re selling your home, it might just be worth investing in a water feature or getting a proposal for a solar panel or air-conditioning installation. Even if you don’t install them yourself, giving potential buyers information on what’s possible is always a good tactic.”

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Top 10 most desirable property features
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