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I have been investing in property for 4 years now (my husband and I have 7 properties)- I am always getting calls from my bank manager wanting to loan me more money!!! Maybe try little banks or credit...
Stamp Duty is a stumbling block for those trying to rebuild after a marriage/relationship breakup.Especially if you're 50 or older.You don't qualify as a 'First Home Owner'It is hard scraping repayment with the rent I pay but it is getting the upfront deposit and stamp duty together tha...
Barrie Ridgway
Good to see the banks acting prudently. In the "good old days" total credit card limits could total no more than 10% of annual income and it would be a good move to re-introduce it.Banks are in a no or allow it and be accused of overcommitting the borrower.

It can be a dangerous tool for the investor, particularly when you run the risk of adding your bills to the loan balance. Perhaps Philippe should check with the ATO on how they feel about claiming int...

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