Identifying an under market value property: buyer’s agent reveals all

By Staff Reporter
Paul Glossop

In this week’s episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, buyer’s agent and property investor Paul Glossop reveals the secrets to buying under market value and why relationships are everything in the property industry.

The Smart Property Investment Show host Phil Tarrant sets out to “put Paul out of a job”, tapping into all of the things property investors should be doing, and could be doing for themselves.

Paul also chats to @philliptarrant about the next big hotspots, the importance of understanding your investment objectives, and how to avoid the biggest mistake investors make.

All this and much much more on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show. Tune in now!

The Smart Property Investment Show gives you insight, strategies and tactics that every property investor can use.

In each episode, the Smart Property Investment team and its special guests will break down what’s happening in the world of property investment, how it affects everyday property investors and how they can take advantage of it.

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