Making The Best Decision Starts With 100% Of Options
Promoted by Propertyology Consider this: ‘Investor A’ and ‘Investor B’ both purchased separate properties for $40...
Here’s Why The Next 3 Years Will Be BETTER Than The Last 3 Years
Promoted by Propertyology Contrary to recent media headlines which suggest that property markets are cooling, Propertyolo...


Sharon Fox-Slater
Doggone it: Stats show going ‘pet friendly’ is not so fraught
Australians have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, yet not many rental properties accept pets. So, th...
Steve Waters
Is Brisbane or Perth the best property buy?
When considering a new city to buy in both Brisbane and Perth are said to offer investors a great deal, but which city is wor...

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Rent bidding more harmful to landlords than tenants
While it has been widely speculated that rent bidding, if implemented, would negatively affect tenants, an agency says it’s...
Property investors could be big budget losers, says tax expert
Treasurer Scott Morrison’s 2017 federal budget includes proposed changes that will affect residential property investors Au...
How looking at different property markets helped this investor buy
During a time of high investor activity and a disproportionate house price to income ratio, many young Australians have vocal...