Julia Tita
Smart Property Investment
The Smart Property Investment Show
How a move to Hong Kong impacted Julia’s Australian property goals
Michael Xia, Mortgage Channel
Smart Property Investment
2 years on with 6 new properties
Mortgage Trusts, an alternative first step for property investors
Promoted by Trilogy Funds.   If you’re looking for a way to get your foot in the door as an investor in the Australian p...
Why now is a better time than ever to get yourself the right broker
Promoted by Blue Ink Finance. The Royal Commission isn’t even over and we have heard a lot, mostly bad, about many of th...
good renovation. checklist, property renovation, property investment, home renos, property renos
A 3-step checklist for a good renovation
Renovations are often done to increase a property’s value, and as in any wealth-creation strategy, it is strongly recomme...
investment tip, property value, property investment, investing, house value, house price
Investment tip: Factors that affect property value
Even in a completely balanced market where dwelling supplies consistently meet the demand, investors still need to consider ...

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