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The wisdom of buying an investment property for under $500,000
In most capital cities of Australia, apart from Melbourne and Sydney, there is still a plentiful supply of properties under $...
Calculating your cash flow forecast
As an investor, a cash flow calculator is an absolute minimum tool to have, writes David Shih. ...

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Retired Hands
How can I purchase a retirement home through my SMSF?
Promoted by esuperfund You work hard for your retirement, and should get to enjoy every moment of it. For many Australians...
The cost of money – can you service your debt?
Steve Waters and Victor Kumar say there’s one fundamental rule behind property investment: if you can’t afford it, don’...

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How looking at different property markets helped this investor buy
During a time of high investor activity and a disproportionate house price to income ratio, many young Australians have vocal...
5 ways investors could be saving millions in tax dollars
5 ways investors could be saving millions in tax dollars
A national tax depreciation company has released a list of the five common mistakes investors make which could be greatly imp...
Sydney’s harbourfront attracts global attention
Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks and the exciting, event-filled month of January focuses people’s attention on prestig...