Ian Ugarte, Small is the new Big
Smart Property Investment
The Smart Property Investment Show
Investing in communal properties
Smart Property Investment
7 properties in 3 years
The Property Market is Changing. Discover How You Can Still Borrow From The Banks
Promoted by Blue Ink Finance. As an investor, does the thought of dealing with the Banks, Royal Commission, APRA, ASIC and...
The ‘dark horse’of Australian property
Promoted by Propertyology By Simon Pressley, Head of Research, Propertyology Over the past 18 months, there’s been a b...
Victor Kumar
Why I haven't bought substantially in Tasmania
When it comes to property investment, you always need to understand the “why” before buying anything. That's because if y...
Melbourne, Australia, vacancy tax, investors, investment
How Melbourne’s ‘vacancy tax’ will affect investors
In an effort to address the issue of housing undersupply, the Victorian state government applied a vacant residential land t...

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