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Smart Property Investment is the premier source of news, intelligence and information for property investors and home buyers.

The website provides various insights and strategies for buyers and investors across states and territories through unbiased commentary, features, extensive research tools, state reports and real-life investor profiles.

Guided by the principle 'By investors and investors', SPI aims to asist investors and buyers in making the right investment decisions by identifying and analysing opinion on the latest market trends, property hotspots and experts strategies.

SPI makes property investment simple and engaging for every type of buyer and investor, helping them jumpstart their own investment journey, sidestep make sound decisions, profit from property investment and ultimately succeed in their wealth-creation venture.

With insights and investment strategies for buyers and investors across all Australian states, matched with unbiased commentary, features, extensive research tools, state by state reports and real life property investor profiles, Smart Property Investment is the resource for property buyers and investors focused on making the right investment decisions.

Smart Property Investment identifies, analyses and reveals opinion on the latest market trends, property hot spots, expert strategies for sound property investment, and importantly, how you can profit from property investment.

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Across Australia’s professional and financial services sectors, Momentum Media plays an integral role delivering insightful market intelligence via multiple platforms, including digital, events, social, print, broadcast and research.

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