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Having your finances in order is essential to any successful investment. Use our calculators below to help plan your investment strategy and maximise your investment potential.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Want to compare which loan option could give you the most savings? Determining and comparing loan options with simple factors such as the amount of monthly payments on each loan give property investors an option to compare and determine which loan option is more feasible. Using Smart Property Investment's loan comparison calculator allows two different loans options to be directly compared by letting you adjust the different variables affecting the loan.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Doing your due diligence and planning, SmartProperty Investment's Stamp Duty Calculator allows you to work out the appropriate stamp duty tax so that you can include it in your future calculations and budgets. Each state has a different scale of charges and systems in place for calculating the stamp duty of each property purchase and the transfers of land titles of properties. Charges can vary depending on the purpose of the security purchased, whether it be for investment or for occupancy.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Smart Property Investment's borrowing power calculator uses a matrix that comprises of various details that includes salary, incomes, annual expenses, loan and credit card expenses, and other similar expenses to determine the maximum amount available lenders could give you for a loan on your future property purchase. It also breaks down your monthly repayment giving you a better idea of how this may affect your current day-to-day living expenses.

Principal and Interest Calculator

Smart Property Investment's principal and interest calculator is used to ascertain the length of time required to advancing the mortgage repayments before the completion of the mortgage, as well as allowing investors to know just how much of their principal and how much of their interest they are paying off each month. Investors who think about satisfying the mortgage sooner than what is stipulated in the mortgage agreement can approximate when and what period of time could one could satisfy their loans.

Split Loan Calculator

Those investors considering splitting their loan agreements to allocate a portion of the loan amount to attract both a fixed rate and a variable rate can make use of the Smart Property Investment's split loan calculator to determine and estimate the approximate amount of fixed and variable rate portions in your split loan. This would also be able to determine the amount of fixed monthly repayments one needs compared to variable monthly repayments, as well as the total interest payable.

Lump Sum Calculator

A lump sum is a single payment of money as opposed to a series of payments made over time. Smart Property Investment's lump sum repayment calculator determines exactly how much interest you could save over the years by adding a lump sum to your mortgage, the loan balance after five years, and the time and interest saved on your loan from adding this lump sum onto your loan. or pay a lump sum amount to the loan.

Extra Repayments Calculator

Use Smart Property Investment's extra repayment calculator as a guide to find out how quickly you can pay off a loan with additional payments. If you find yourself in a situation with more regular money at hand, then having extra repayments on your mortgage can help you significantly over the long-term having the option to either pay extra payments to the loan to accelerate the fulfilment of the loan agreement would benefit the investor's portfolio.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Calculator

Smart Property Investment's capital gains tax calculator allows for an estimated calculation of the capital gains tax to be paid based on the sale price of a property minus all expenses associated with acquiring, holding, and disposing the property. It indicates the total capital gains one can earn and tax one should pay the Australian Taxation Office.

Loan Repayments Calculator

Investors need to determine the appropriate loan repayments would be over a certain period of years of their home loan agreements. The Smart Property Investment's loan repayment calculator provides a determinate amount of loan repayments by using the length of the loan term, interest rate, and loan-to-value-ratio to calculate the total amount needed for repaying the loan.

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