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Office space

Office investment in Melbourne is boosting resi investment

Melbourne has been listed as an international investment hotspot and its increase in office investment is helping push up residential invest...

Western Sydney airport

New suburb offering long-term gains for investors

The new Western Sydney Airport is set to bring investors new opportunities, a homebuilder has suggested, with the surrounding ‘Aerotropoli...

Research data

How to get your property research right

An informed property investor is a smart property investor, with one property expert stating preparation is the key to a successful investme...

House key

Landlords vital for home ownership, expert says

Landlords are often blamed for affordability issues, but one property expert and property investor refutes this, arguing that landlords can ...

Property investment

The role of financial advisers in property investment

Financial advisers are not as in-demand as other professionals in the property investment landscape, but experts believe that they are just ...


The top 50 regions of growing and declining dwelling value

New data has revealed the top 50 regions across the country that experienced the highest increase in dwelling values over the last year, as ...