Quit the 9-5

Quit the 9-to-5: Buying properties just months into his foray as a buyer’s agent

  Having previously appeared on the Smart Property Investment Show to reflect on his journey building h...


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Aerial shot of suburbs

Investors not ‘playing’ the game could miss out big

While timing in the market is not as important as time in the market, it can still mean the difference between getting and missing out on a ...


When to sell in the current Melbourne property market

Australia is currently facing a buyer’s market, but what if you’re looking to sell? A real estate agency head and investor shares his in...

Perth and Brisbane

New survey reveals the most preferred cities to invest in

The results of a new survey show where property investors believe are the best capital cities to invest into – and they’re not Sydney or...

Aerial shot of suburbs

Finding growth areas in softening markets – experts weigh in

There are always opportunities in Australian property markets, and these experts discuss where to look and how to find opportunities in 2019...

For sale

One crucial mistake to avoid when choosing a real estate agent

With lesser properties and subdued investment activity across softening markets, real estate agents are adamant to get clients to service. H...


Why different flood prone areas have higher insurance prices

The floods in Townsville, Queensland have damaged hundreds of properties, so it’s a good reminder of the importance of insuring your prope...