Investor stories

How this investor purchased his first property in his teens

Joey D’Agata purchased his first property when he was just 19 years old. Today at the age of 25, havin...




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Big four banks

Popular lenders issue spate of rate cuts

Facing the prospect of an official rate cut soon, the major banks have been cutting their home loan rates out of cycle. Which of the popular...


Predictions for the official cash rate as fresh data released

An update to the consumer price index for the March quarter saw it hold steady and not move at all – which means a May rate cut could be ...

Aerial of suburbs

Push for 'long overdue' property minister ramps up

One industry body has continued its calls to establish a dedicated property services commissioner and take away property powers from the NSW...


Sydney infrastructure spending ‘mishmash’ cops heat

Fresh research has found that the system for determining infrastructure charges is “poor” and needs to be reworked. ...

Bill Shorten

Federal election 2019: Labor’s negative gearing, tax reforms explained

Depending on who wins the May 2019 federal elections, property investors could be facing major changes in policies. Smart Property Investmen...

Aerial shot of suburbs

Current negative gearing policy v Labor’s negative gearing policy

Negative gearing has long been popular as a tax minimisation strategy, allowing investors to offset losses incurred against their taxable in...