How and where to hit the property goldmines in 2019
1 minute read

How and where to hit the property goldmines in 2019

How and where to hit the property goldmines in 2019

by Todd Stevens | December 20, 2018 | 1 minute read

Property valuer, investment adviser, market commentator and author Anna Porter has an incredible grasp on the Australian property market. In this episode of the Smart Property Investment Show, she reveals the secrets that can make you huge money in 2019.

Anna Porter,
December 20, 2018

Host Phil Tarrant chats with Anna about her thoughts surrounding borrowing in the year ahead, and Anna reveals how what many call a “doom and gloom market” in fact offers great opportunities for those who know what they are looking for.

Anna addresses the factors that can lead to a market collapse, how you can increase the value of your investment property, and shares the areas to buy and avoid in 2019.

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