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Director of OpenCorp, Cam McLellan is committed to sharing his passion and property investment knowledge with everyday Australians.

After thriving in the telecommunications, technology and recruitment sectors and making six BRW Lists in 8 years, alongside accomplished OpenCorp. entrepreneurs Matthew Lewison and Allister Lewison, founded OpenCorp. eight years ago.

Cam started investing in real estate at a young age and quickly mastered the art of building sustainable wealth. He has used the same wealth building strategy to develop a multi-million dollar business, sharing his knowledge and skill with ordinary Australians. Cam has personally bought, sold and developed numerous properties and has an extensive residential and commercial investment portfolio.

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Cam McLellan

Holiday homes: Buying versus renting

It’s almost holiday season again, and for many out there the age-old question will come up: should you buy a holiday h...
Cam McLellan

6 signs of a healthy market

These 6 key occurrences are a reliable indication that a property market is in a good state.
Cam McLellan

How to maintain an ageing investment property

Is it time to start thinking about renovating your long-term investment properties?
Cam McLellan

Building your portfolio: Time is money

Property investment takes a lot of time. Without good time management, you will struggle to build a sustainable portfo...
Cam McLellan

10 top tips every investor should know

Feeling overwhelmed by the substantial amount of information available for property investors? Kick-start your research ...
Cam McLellan

Interstate investments

How can you feel comfortable and secure buying an investment property in a market other than where you live?
Cam McLellan

Ensure your investment property is insured

If you haven’t yet put much thought into property insurance, now’s the time.
Cam McLellan

What’s a conveyancer?

A conveyancer has one of the most vital roles in your property team.
Cam McLellan

Finding the perfect property manager

Hiring a professional to manage your investment may seem like a straight-forward task – but there are some non-negotia...
Cam McLellan

Implementing the process of elimination in your property search

Could this powerful strategy lead you to the investment of a lifetime? 
cam mclellan holding property in trust

Should you hold your properties in a trust?

A trust is one form of holding property. It is easy to assume holding property in your own name gives you the most contr...

The simple mistake that can destroy your investment plans

Failing to adequately assess your buying capabilities can set your investment journey back months, even years, as this c...
Cam McLellan, OpenCorp

How to begin investing in property

We all start somewhere when it comes to property investment, but some strategies tend to work better than others and it ...
Cam McLellan

Think before you sign

Dealing with contracts is nowhere near as simple as just signing on the dotted line. Here's some easy advice to help you...
Cam McLellan

What to do if you have to sell

Whilst I don’t advocate selling properties, there will probably come a time when you will want to sell your primary pl...


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