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Paul Wilson

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Paul Wilson is an Independent Property Investing Expert who's been educating and coaching investors since 2001. Author of 7 Deadly Mistakes Property Investors Make and How to Avoid Them, he also manages www.educatingpropertyinvestors.com.au, www.wefindhouses.com.au, and www.wefindfinance.com.au. 

Through his books and websites, Paul provides valuable, independent guidance and support by teaching strategies on how you can invest successfully, while protecting yourself from the common mistakes that trap many investors from reaching their full potential.

Paul doesn’t promote cookie cutter strategies, instead he demonstrates how you can create wealth as a property investor regardless of your budget, location, strategy and risk profile. Paul makes his home on the Gold Coast and spends his leisure time enjoying adventures, surf and sun with his wife and five children. Protect and grow your portfolio with knowledge. Contact Paul today for a complimentary consultation: 1800 690 890 and ask for Paul, or email [email protected]

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Paul Wilson

How to take advantage of 'ugly duckling' properties

How many times have you glanced at an advertised property and not given it a second look thanks to its ‘ugly’ exteri...
Paul Wilson

How to spot a spruiker

If something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Property spruikers beware – the crackdown is coming.
Paul Wilson

Pros and cons of off-the-plan investments

With certain markets experiencing significant residential development, it is important to weigh up the hidden risks and...
Paul Wilson

Is it time to lock in your equity?

As interest rates go up, investors should move towards securing the value of their homes.
Paul Wilson

Planning for your financial future

Have you factored these steps into your long-term goals?
Paul Wilson

Taking the next step

For many, the great Australian dream is to own their own home. But achieving that dream shouldn't hold you back from rea...
Paul Wilson

Going the distance

There’s so much talk out there at the moment about the budget, retirement and superannuation, but should those plannin...
Paul Wilson

The cost of doing nothing

For those of you who have thought about making your first (or next) purchase, after reading this you will want to turn t...
Paul Wilson

How to use interest-only loans to your advantage

If you want your portfolio to cost you as little as possible for the maximum reward, then you need to know how to use in...
Paul Wilson

How to achieve your property dreams and do what others can't

Staying motivated during your property investment pursuits can be difficult, particularly if you aren't seeing immediate...
Paul Wilson

What would you do with $1 million?

Mental accounting heavily influences how we spend our money - so here's how to make the right choices if you have a sudd...
Paul Wilson

Property investors are gambling away their greatest asset

Everyday Australians are entering the property market blindfolded, unaware that the decisions they’re making today cou...
Paul Wilson

3 ways to find your balance amid white property noise

White property noise is a big issue for fresh-faced investors, as it can be extremely overwhelming, stressful and hinder...
Paul Wilson

Are you making the most of depreciation schedules?

If you want to make the most of your portfolio you should be getting depreciation schedules prepared for all your proper...
Paul Wilson

One roof, twice the rent

How can you create two income streams from one property without compromising on quality, tenant experience and aestheti...


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