Steve Waters

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Steve has almost a decade of hands on, comprehensive property investment experience and is himself an accomplished property investor with a substantial property holding.

Steve is the director of Right Property Group where he acts as a professional negotiator, property strategist and licenced real estate agent. He has successfully negotiated more than 2,000 transactions from one-bedroom units to multi-level apartment blocks and renovated over 85 properties adding massive value and also substantially increasing rental yields.

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Is off-market really off-market?

Yes, we all have a pet hate – and mine is the constant confusion about the terms off-market and pre-market by some buy...

Market deficits that create golden opportunities

2019 will be remembered as an interesting year for Australian real estate – and the period from May to July might prov...
Man surfing

7 steps to becoming a ‘fluid investor’ for modern property markets

There are two extremes on the risk spectrum when it comes to describing property investors, and it's successful investor...
Couple talking to a realtor

My secret for maximising your valuation figure

Experienced property investors might think they’ve heard it all before, but when it comes to getting maximum dollars i...
Magnifying glass over a house

Here’s what’s actually happening in the property market

Doomsday headlines might make you anxious, but let’s move past the misinformation and sensationalism, and rationally a...

Renovation fundamentals: Councils, cost and building equity

Every long-term property investor will, at some stage, tackle a renovation project. They’re a rite of passage like som...
Spartan defensive

How to win big with defensive investing

Being fearless and risk averse can get you places in life, but not in property investing. Here’s the safest way to win...
Erasing the word mistake

4 investment mistakes you don’t know you’re making

When you’ve been in the real estate investment game for a while, you’ll hear the same pieces of simplified advice co...

Lessons from a falling market

At the end of advertisements for investment schemes, you’ll hear the catch-all disclaimer, “past performance is no g...
Steve Waters

The easiest way to lose money in property

I believe one of the great misnomers in property investment is the idea real estate is a passive vehicle that doesn’t ...
Steve Waters

Online dangers for property investors

I understand the irony of writing an online article about the dangers of internet information, but bear with me, because...
Steve Waters

Why pessimists make the best investors

Some take the view the glass is half empty, for others the glass is half full. Property investors come in all kinds. Opt...
Steve Waters

Can you profit from secondary locations?

Any long-term property tragic worth their salt has had it drilled into them time and again — location, location, locat...
Steve Waters

Why zoning matters

In many facets of life, it’s easy to be attracted to the façade and forget about the substance — and with property...
Steve Waters

Why arguing cash flow v capital growth is a mistake

More property magazine column inches have probably been devoted to this subject than just about any other – but I thin...


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