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Todd Hunter

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Director and location researcher for the wHeregroup, Todd Hunter had accumulated a personal property portfolio consisting of 50 properties by the age of 31.

He is a regular commentator for Smart Property Investment.

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Todd Hunter

USA’s no pay, no stay strategy is a great way to invest

We’ve all seen A Current Affair horror stories of tenants in Australia trashing investment properties. It’s a vend...
Todd Hunter

Australia’s Big Short

If you have read a newspaper lately, you no doubt have come across the APRA changes that are taking effect in the lendin...

The balancing act

From time to time, I am gobsmacked by those “apparent” industry leaders and their inability to manage our economy. R...

The budget loopholes

I always laugh at budget time as Australia halts whilst waiting for the proposal, which is then usually blocked by the o...
The looming sting in the Sunshine Coast property market

The looming sting in the Sunshine Coast property market

For a long time, the Sunny Coast has been a great location for holiday goers and property investors. It’s a strong mar...
The property tides are turning...

The property tides are turning...

Every now and again, I get a bad feeling in my stomach that things are just not right. And I’m getting that feeling no...
The dopamine effect

The dopamine effect

Travelling the extent that I do, means I spend plenty of time in airports.
todd hunter good investment spot investment property

How to spot a good investment

The word “research” is thrown around willy-nilly in the property investment field. But what do “true” researcher...
Todd Hunter

Knowing when to sell

Too many investors mis-time the market and offload their properties at the wrong time. Here's how to maximise your profi...
Todd Hunter's mortgage tips

How to pay your loan off ASAP

Now, more than ever, it is important to make sure you have the best interest rate on your loan.
Todd Hunter

Where will the APRA changes be felt most?

There have been many changes to investor lending in Australia in recent months, but it is unlikely that these new restri...
Todd Hunter

The simple way to get your kids on the property ladder - NOW

We all know how ridiculous house prices are currently in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, so how are our children ever going...
Todd Hunter

How you can come out on top even if property prices fall

It's somewhat alarming how many investors believe property prices will continue climbing forever. Here's what's really g...
Todd Hunter

Real life: investing in your dream home

Two everyday investors are using their portfolio to prepare to buy their dream home in an ideal location.  ...
Todd Hunter

Can I afford to invest in property?

Many would-be investors aren't sure if they can afford to build a portfolio, or where to begin when trying to work out t...


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