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Victor Kumar

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Victor Kumar is the author of 'Supercharge your Property Portfolio' and the founding director of Right Property Group.

Victor and his wife came to Australia from Fiji in 1997 with just $4,500 in their pockets. They worked hard as radiographers but realised this was not the way to prosperity. Victor embarked on a process of building wealth through property. He has amassed a substantial property portfolio, and is still actively buying and renovating property. His recommendations are based on what works in today’s market, not what used to be effective a year or more ago.

Victor’s experience, finance background, and financial planning qualifications mean he is well equipped to negotiate with banks – helping them find ways to say “Yes”. He has also invested significant time and money in learning from other property investment experts and knows how to make a portfolio work.

Of course, Victor has made a few mistakes along the way but these have made him wiser – and he’ll let you learn from his mistakes so you don’t need to make them. His goal is to help you achieve your financial goals by sharing his extensive knowledge about financial structures and investment property.

Victor is now sought after as a keynote speaker at several property investment seminars and is acknowledged by his peers as an expert in the industry.


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December quarter economic update

December quarter economic update – Don’t confuse recovery with gro...

Property markets across the country have rebounded over the past quarter, but not everything is what it seems, in my opi...
Where do you want to be in 2030

Where do you want to be in 2030?

Where you want to be in 2030 might seem like a strange question to ask when we’ve just welcomed in 2020. ...

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Rental reforms nothing to fear

The Queensland government has announced rental reforms, which have caused some consternation within the industry. ...
Melbourne and Sydney poised to lead price growth

Melbourne and Sydney poised to lead price growth

New research has suggested that Sydney and Melbourne will return to double-digit property price growth next year. While ...

Monetary policy to motivate market

Monetary policy is another metric that has aligned to create ideal market conditions. Rather than worrying about the eco...
Competition ahead

The rise and rise of non-bank lenders

Over the past few years, something interesting has been happening in the banking sector – and I’m not talking about ...
Victor Kumar

Trying to pick the market? There is never a market equilibrium

When it comes to property markets, there is usually never a perfect equilibrium. In fact, there might be a few surprises...
Victor Kumar

The insider’s guide to easements: what to look for and what to avoid

There is no such thing as a perfect property, but you should be aware of how to avoid big dramas with easements on your ...

Days of hiding bad money habits done

Among the myriad of changes happening in the lending landscape at present, there is one that is likely to change the goa...
Bundles of $100 notes

Why the latest moves from APRA will be good news for property investor...

With the election now behind us, confidence is set to return to property markets as well as the economy in general. ...
Bill Shorten

Spruikers waiting to pounce on Labor policy

With less than two weeks until the federal election, it is clear that Labor’s negative gearing policy will either make...
Office space

The ins and outs of office investment

Commercial property investment is a strategy that works but far too many people attempt it too early. The truth of the m...
Property development

Why I chose to sell my development site without developing

In my experience, many novice developers get too fixated on pushing ahead with their plans, even when the numbers no lon...

Is it worth taking a loan with a higher interest rate?

One of the biggest mistakes I see new investors make is being too fixated on interest rates. Plus, they often forget tha...


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