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Arjun Paliwal

The Secret To Acquiring Nine Properties In Two Years: How He Did It

Arjun Paliwal is a buyer’s agent and an ex-bank branch manager, but he’s also a property investo...

Metricon Homes, construction, home builder, home buyers

Builder Cops $50,400 Penalty After Misleading First Home Buyers

A well-known builder has landed a $50,400 penalty, after the corporate regulator found it misled fir...

Australia, best performing capital city, mainland

Expert Reveals The Best-performing Capital City Market On The Mainland

As a property investor, you only want to consider best properties, so naturally you would invest in ...

Scott O'Neill

Picking The Right Property Investment Style Is Vital

Do you want to own a large property portfolio? Do you want passive income for retirement? Do you wan...