How you can be millions in debt and loving it

Lauren and Lena were the first to admit that they had no idea what was going on when they bought their first few properties, but now they’re seasoned investors — $1.3 million in debt and ready to tell other investors how to juggle multiple properties, what errors they’ve made with money and how to protect their portfolios from any speed bumps.

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After previously revealing to The Smart Property Investment Show the worst property investment decision they made, Lauren and Lena rejoin @philliptarrant  to discuss how they’re tracking with their recent purchase, how they’ll get their next property and where they’ll buy. 

They also reveal the errors they’ve made along the way in building their $1.7 million portfolio and how they’re safeguarding their portfolio.

All this and much, much more in this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show. Tune in now!

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To listen to Part One of Smart Property Investment’s chat with Lauren and Lena, tune into Episode 23: The worst property investment decision we made. 

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