Not 1, but 2 investment properties in 2020

Defying the downturn, one couple is well on their way to securing a second investment property this year.

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It’s been a pretty good year so far for Ryan Atkins and Zita Malinauskaite, who have managed to pay down their debt, save more money towards their upcoming wedding, set up an SMSF and purchase an investment property in Queensland.

Now gearing up for their second investment property purchase in Victoria after consolidating their personal debt and refinancing the interest rate for their existing property, the couple have attributed their success to an Infinity Group Australia masterclass they attended last year.

Having sought one-on-one financial coaching with the financial institution since, Mr Atkins and Ms Malinauskaite say their work with a financial coach has revised what their income was being spent on to see where savings could be made or money better utilised.  

According to Ms Malinauskaite, the financial coaching program is “the whole package”.


“The whole system helps. I wouldn’t say it’s just one thing, it’s everything.”

“Now we are budgeting better than ever, and we have one apartment and one house through Graeme’s advice. Now we can afford almost anything we need. All the little things help, budgeting and being able to afford more in terms of mortgage payments,” she exclaimed.

With just under four months of 2020 left, Mr Atkins and Ms Malinauskaite report feeling more in control of their spending, more empowered to make good financial decisions, and say they are armed with knowledge about budgeting and investing.

The couple’s investment journey is not a unique one – with a third of Millennials and a quarter of all Australians expecting to purchase property in the next two years thanks to lockdown accelerating their saving ability, according to ING’s Future Focus: Homeownership Report.

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