Unlocking Sydney's Property Market: Founder/CEO Brady Yoshia welcomes Sabeen Akbani to the Brady Marcs team

There are several unique challenges and opportunities facing buyers in Sydney. Working with experienced professionals is one way to help overcome them and maximise your buying power.

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Sabeen Akbani has over 16 years of experience in the dynamic world of real estate. She is a seasoned professional and strategic networker. Her extensive background and thorough understanding of the industry make her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to navigate the complexities of buying a home.

Sabeen has recently joined The Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory Group and will be focusing on servicing the Eastern Suburbs as well as working in the Inner West.

Having a Buyers Agent who is dedicated to helping make seamless, informed decisions by guiding clients through every step of the home-buying process, is invaluable. Her highly personalised approach ensures that every client receives tailored advice and support to meet their unique needs.

She delivers a smooth and stress-free experience for her clients.

What sets Sabeen apart is her genuine passion for property. She thrives on finding the perfect homes for her clients and takes pride in her ability to match buyers with properties that exceed their expectations.

Very often it’s about being in the know! Getting exclusive access to properties that are off market can make all the difference. Sabeen is known for her strategic networking skills. She has cultivated a vast network of industry contacts, including real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and legal professionals.

Sabeen thrives on providing an analysis of the current real estate market trends in these areas, including average property prices, market growth, and investment potential.

Unique Challenges and Opportunities:

The highly sought-after areas in Sydney, like the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, are becoming increasingly competitive. With limited stock and a high number of buyers, you have to be able to move quickly.

This is where working with an expert like Sabeen gives a distinct advantage.

Here are her key strategies for enabling clients to successfully purchase a property.

BE READY – Planning is everything! Determine your budget. Have your financial pre-approval completed. Surround yourself with a team of professionals who can support you throughout the process.

BE INFORMED – Information is power! Understand the suburb where you are looking to buy a property. Review comparable sales. Inspect multiple properties. Do your due diligence. Go in with eyes wide open. Understand potential and future expenditure and potential development applications. Having a solid grasp of property values and what you do and don’t like will make the decision-making process far easier.

BE STRATEGIC - Have a plan! Determine exactly what your ‘must have’ and ‘need to have’ criteria are. This provides a checkpoint to ensure you are on track and can move forward with an individual property. Have an auction strategy. Use a Buyers Agent to help negotiate or bid on your behalf.

MOVE QUICKLY – When the right property comes up be ready to make your move! If you have your team in place they can step into action. If you are prepared, financials in order and budget set you know exactly where you stand. If you have a clear road map then you can execute your strategy and make it happen.

Working with a Buyers Agent who knows the area well is a huge advantage. Location, Location, Location! Uncovering the best streets, zoning, transport, schools and amenities will have a significant impact of the lifestyle opportunities and value of your properties.

If you are looking to buy a property and would like to ensure you have the support you need, get in touch with Sabeen today and experience the positive difference a professional Buyers Agent can make.

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