More Australians review debt commitments

More Australians review debt commitments

More Australians review debt commitments

by webmaster | January 25, 2011

More Australians are recognising the importance of annually reviewing their debt commitments but males are more proactive than females, a survey has found.

by webmaster

According to research conducted by Mortgage Choice, more than half of female mortgage holders have no plans to make any changes to their personal finances this year (51 per cent).

In contrast, 61 per cent of male mortgage holders plan to re-jig their finances in 2011.

“It is concerning that our annual Consumer Sentiment Survey found less than half of Australia’s female property borrowers intend to make adjustments to their personal finances this year,” commented Mortgage Choice spokesperson Kristy Sheppard.

“Everyone with a large debt commitment should review, at the very least, that commitment and their budget every year.”

“However, we were happy to see a more positive result than in the previous survey, where just over one third were going to review their finances over the following 12 months.”

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