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More rate hikes to come

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Investors may still see their lenders moving rates independently of the Reserve Bank, despite no changes being seen this month.

However, those looking to organise a mortgage should not think that the banks are rising their rates to make things difficult for investors.

Speaking to Smart Property Investment's sister publication The Adviser, CBA’s general manager mortgage wealth James Sheffield said the costs of funds were rising all the time, which is putting pressure on all lenders.

“We did not just put up our rates to hurt borrowers and make money, rather we out up our rates to stop us from losing money,” he said.

“If we start losing money on home loans, then we become a non-profitable bank and we have seen what happens to non-profitable banks in the United States and Europe.

“It is important to our customers, to our shareholders and to our investors that we remain profitable. While some of our decisions may hurt home owners in the short term, over the longer term, these decisions benefit everyone.”

Mr Sheffield went onto say that the costs of funds are still rising, which is putting further pressure on all of Australia’s lenders.

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More rate hikes to come
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