22 properties by 30: Can Generation Ys build massive portfolios?

Back by popular demand, this week’s podcast guest Stephanie Brennan reveals if she’s on track to acquire a massive portfolio before she hits the big 3-0, and the team sorts through the noise to work out whether Generation Y can really have it all.

stephanie brennan podcast ep 43

Stephanie talks to the team about how her investment strategy has developed and evolved since she last appeared on the show and what she’s doing to reach her goals more quickly.

In this episode we also cover everything from DIY renovations versus employing the professionals, to the challenges Millennials are facing getting onto the property ladder. Are they a bunch of whingers, or do they have it tough?

All this and much much more on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show. Tune in now!

Catch up on part one of Stephanie's chat with The Smart Property Investment Show: 7 properties by 25: how this young investor did it


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