'How I overcame dodgy builders to manufacture $100k in equity in less than a month'

Blake Roeleven says he’s learnt the hard way when it comes to renovating property – but working with “shonky” tradesmen and builders-gone-bust hasn’t turned this investor away from creating equity in his portfolio.

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In fact, Blake’s determination led him to manufacture nearly $100,000 in equity for one property in less than a month.

In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, Blake joins host Phil Tarrant to explain why he's holding himself accountable for the overall success of his wealth-creation efforts, the steps he's taking to keep himself on track to achieve his goals, as well as his top tips on how investors can identify "shonky" tradesmen for themselves.

Tune in now to hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show!

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