3 properties in less than 12 months, here’s how she did it

Bonnie Cresswell started out with the “must pay off my mortgage before investing in anything” mentality, but after doing a bit of research on her own, she realised it isn’t actually necessary to do so.

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Growing up on welfare, having a secure shelter was always a propriety when Bonnie was growing up. She reveals how she used to believe “debt is bad”, how education and her choices allowed her to become an investor with three investments and a principal place of residence in her early 40’s,  as well as how the Smart Property Investment Show provided her with the insights to invest with a quick turn over of properties.

The Tasmanian born investor reveals her plans for her future, how her “complete 180 degree flip” in her mind set came about and how the restructuring of her finances and cashflow helped with her first investment.

You will also find out how property in different states grows differently, how buyers agents can assist a purchase and why she uses a line of credit. 











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