Why it's important to diversify into different markets

Everyone has a dream, and for this young property investor his dream hasn’t changed since his last visit in the studio. Full-time property investor Eddie Dilleen joins interim host and real estate editor Tim Neary and reveals how he managed to smash his goal of owning 10 properties, and is about to settle on his 12th.

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Eddie discusses how owning a Mustang is still on the cards, why he branched out into different markets around Australia instead of sticking to his backyard, how his passion for property has come through in his new profession and how his 'addiction' for property has brought excitement in his life.

You will also hear about the unexpected setbacks he faced along the way, what people should really know about property and his view on mortgage brokers and the Big Banks!

You'll hear all of this and much, much more in this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show!


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