8 Brisbane suburbs with no listings in the pipeline

Which Brisbane suburbs have owners in a chokehold?

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New data from SuburbTrends have revealed a number of suburbs across the country where buyers are being kept out by owner-occupiers and investors not wanting to let go of their properties.

They’ve crunched the numbers to find out the suburbs suffering most from a lack of listings, pointing to their popularity with residents and tightly held nature.

To conduct the research, SuburbTrends took note of all homes that have been placed on the market over the past three months in suburbs which have more than 1,500 dwellings that are occupied. These listings are then averaged out across the total number of occupied homes.

Without further ado, here are the eight Brisbane suburbs which are not seeing active sellers:

1. Annerley, 4103

Total average listings: 31

Occupied dwellings: 5,078

Average stock on market: 0.61 per cent

2. Bellbowrie, 4070

Total average listings: 12

Occupied dwellings: 1,853

Average stock on market: 0.64 per cent

3. Mansfield, 4122

Total average listings: 19

Occupied dwellings: 2,936

Average stock on market: 0.64 per cent

4. Carindale, 4152

Total average listings: 39

Occupied dwellings: 5,743

Average stock on market: 0.67 per cent

5. Ascot, 4007

Total average listings: 19

Occupied dwellings: 2,646

Average stock on market: 0.71 per cent

6. Salisbury, 4107

Total average listings: 18

Occupied dwellings: 2,426

Average stock on market: 0.73 per cent

7. Chapel Hill, 4069

Total average listings: 28

Occupied dwellings: 3,533

Average stock on market: 0.78 per cent

8. Holland Park West, 4121

Total average listings: 20

Occupied dwellings: 2,485

Average stock on market: 0.78 per cent

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