7 of Adelaide’s ‘toughest’ suburbs to buy in

New research has revealed the most tightly held Adelaide suburbs over the last three months.

South Australia Adelaide aerial spi

SuburbTrends has released research on some of the most tightly-held suburbs in the South Australian capital, highlighting just how low stock on market is across the city.

It paints a grim picture for hopeful buyers who are trying to make an entrance in these suburbs, and points to the popularity of each suburb that has been named within the report.

To conduct the research, SuburbTrends took note of all homes that have been placed on the market over the past three months in suburbs which have more than 1,500 dwellings that are occupied. These listings are then averaged out across the total number of occupied homes.

So, which Adelaide suburbs are suffering the most from the lack of listings?

  1. Ferryden Park, 5010

Total average listings: 5

Occupied dwellings: 1,634

Average stock on market: 0.28 per cent

  1. Greenwith, 5125

Total average listings: 13

Occupied dwellings: 3,678

Average stock on market: 0.34 per cent

  1. Flagstaff Hill, 5159

Total average listings: 13

Occupied dwellings: 3,617

Average stock on market: 0.36 per cent

  1. Pooraka, 5095

Total average listings: 12

Occupied dwellings: 2,867

Average stock on market: 0.41 per cent

  1. Woodcroft, 5162

Total average listings: 19

Occupied dwellings: 4,276

Average stock on market: 0.44 per cent

  1. Christie Downs, 5164

Total average listings: 10

Occupied dwellings: 2,130

Average stock on market: 0.45 per cent

  1. South Plympton, 5038

Total average listings: 9

Occupied dwellings: 1,963

Average stock on market: 0.45 per cent

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