Top 12 Aussie suburbs for family-friendly living

Want to raise a family? These are the country’s top 12 neighbourhoods for kids and parents.

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Owning your own family home is the Australian dream – but with mortgage rates soaring and lifestyle needs evolving, it can be difficult to know where to buy.

Financial services firm Property Credit sifted through data to identify standout suburbs that deliver a perfect blend of affordability, community structure, convenience, amenities, and quality of life.

“Selecting a family home is a decision that transcends the physical space,” affirmed Giordano Stepancic, CEO of Property Credit. “It’s about choosing a community, investing in a lifestyle, and considering the legacy we leave for our children.

“The suburbs we’ve highlighted are transitioning to a buyers’ market, presenting a prime window for families to find a home in a community where they can truly belong,” he said.

Here are Property Credit’s top choices across a range of Australian states.

1. Jindalee, WA

Jindalee, in Perth’s outer suburbs, stands out for its “proximity to Perth’s vibrant lifestyle and community-driven spirit”.

Located 40 kilometres north of the central business district, Jindalee offers a blend of coastal leisure and convenient amenities. The suburb has an average house price of $665,000, but with high rates of development expected for the future, now might be the time to get into the Jindalee market.

2. Landsdale, WA

At $698,000, the median house price in the northern Perth suburb of Landsdale is a touch higher than Jindalee’s, but it is conveniently located only 16 kilometres from the city.

The suburb champions “affordability and a balanced market, making it ideal for families seeking both urban conveniences and suburban tranquillity”, according to Property Credit.

3. Johnston, NT

Johnston, a suburb of Palmerston, offers relaxed family living and “spacious, serene living environments, just a short commute from the bustling heart of Darwin”.

With the median house costing just $632,500, it’s an accessible option for many families looking to make this part of the Northern Territory their home.

4. Humpty Doo, NT

Famous for its name, the laidback town of Humpty Doo offers “a unique blend of outback charm and urban proximity”, according to Property Credit.

Its median house price of $675,000, abundance of local schools and convenient access to Darwin and Palmerston could make this an appealing choice for families looking to put down roots in the territory.

5. Mawson Lakes, SA

Heading down to South Australia, the Adelaide suburb of Mawson Lakes offers walking trails and leisure opportunities in abundance, ensuring “a well-rounded lifestyle for families”.

Located 12 kilometres north of the Adelaide CBD, Mawson Lakes has a median house price of $672,500 and offers convenient access to the University of South Australia and Technology Park Adelaide.

6. Banksia Park, SA

According to Property Credit, the outer Adelaide suburb of Banksia Park is lauded for its “strong community bonds, underpinned by Adelaide’s cultural tapestry and economic stability”.

With a median house price of just $623,750, Banksia Park is home to a plethora of affordable properties on its leafy, tree-lined streets.

7. Ormeau Hills, Qld

Over in south-east Queensland, Ormeau Hills is a Gold Coast suburb that Property Credit picked out as being ideal for nature-loving families.

The suburb offers a unique blend of rural-residential and suburban property, while “maintaining a family-oriented atmosphere amidst Queensland’s picturesque backdrop”.

8. Windaroo, Qld

Just next door, Windaroo offers “a quintessential blend of the Gold Coast’s leisurely lifestyle with Brisbane’s economic heartbeat”.

The suburb has a median house price of $700,000, and is clearly a magnet for families, who make up 84 per cent of Windaroo households.

9. Bardia, NSW

It’s a tough call to find a family home in Sydney for under the $1 million mark, but families looking for a bargain may like to head to Bardia.

Located 34 kilometres south-west of the CBD, Bardia has a median house price of just $885,000 and offers a wide range of contemporary homes.

10. Claremont Meadows, NSW

Claremont Meadows lies a short drive from Penrith in Sydney’s west, and is located 45 kilometres away from the CBD.

With the median home sitting at $865,000, Claremont Meadows is one of the few Sydney locales where families can still get some bang for their buck.

11. Seabrook, Vic

Down in Victoria, Seabrook “boasts lush landscapes and community amenities, all within reach of Melbourne’s thriving hub”.

Its local public school ranks among Victoria’s best, and with the median house price hovering in the mid-$700,000s, homes in this neighbourhood are still a steal.

12. Taylors Hill, Vic

Families who choose to settle in the north-west Melbourne suburb of Taylors Hill would “have access to both nature’s tranquillity and urban sophistication”, according to Property Credit.

A master-planned suburb with plenty of fresh, modern homes and amenities, Taylors Hill is a favourite for families, who make up a whopping 90 per cent of all households in the suburb.

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