What holiday-makers want from Airbnbs in 2024

Top-tier locations, proximity to attractions and professional property management will be priorities for short-term renters in 2024.

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What sets apart a good Airbnb from the rest? According to recent data released by Airbnb, it all comes back to the old property adage: location, location, location.

Guests still expect accommodation to be appealing, but Seiko Ma, managing director of the short-term property management platform Alice’s Home, reported that guests are no longer just booking for the accommodation itself.

“Guests are looking further to be enticed,” said Ms Ma. “They will be choosing Airbnb and short-term rental property based on proximity to parks, beaches, breathtaking views and beautiful pools,” said Ms Ma.

As to the choice of area, tourists around the world are eagerly flocking to destinations both within Australia and abroad.

Ms Ma stated: “Japan, Taiwan and Albania all feature among the most trending destinations for travel in the new year. Domestically, Melbourne is on the agenda for both local and international tourists.”

Major upcoming concerts are drawing New Zealand tourists to the Sydney Olympic Park, while Canberra is also a favoured destination for visitors from across the ditch.

But it isn’t only pleasure-seekers who are attracted by short-term rentals. According to Ms Ma, hosts are increasingly offering portable homes to tenants seeking a balm for the rising cost of living.

She said that portable homes, such as caravans and tiny houses on wheels, are being taken up by individuals struggling with interest rate hikes and housing shortages.

“Portable homes also offer a lower commitment option to find out about life in a particular area before making a more permanent commitment.”

When it comes to property owners, Ms Ma revealed that many are beginning to treat their short-term rental as a professional business, and are seeking out property management services.

“Professional management organisations assist in areas like marketing the property, sourcing guests, paperwork on both sides, as well as maintenance of the property between bookings and routinely,” she said.

Both local organisations and online platforms are being favoured by a diverse range of property owners.

Ms Ma explained that the uptake of professional management services comes in the wake of increasing legal complexity around Airbnbs as laws continue to change.

In September, the short-term rental cap for properties in Byron Bay was cut from 180 days to just 60 days per year. More recently, the Western Australian government offered a $10,000 incentive for owners to turn Airbnbs into long-term rentals.

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