Medina: The sleepy suburb on the cusp of a boom

As Perth property prices skyrocket, this quiet Kwinana suburb may be one of the city’s last bastions of affordability.

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Medina is one of the suburbs listed in Smart Property Investment’s FAST 50 report for 2025, which launched in February 2024.

For too long, the City of Kwinana in South Perth has had its reputation dragged through the mud, berated by inner-city residents for its fibro-board houses and sprawling blocks.

But as the city’s housing market begins to amp up, those same characteristics are now drawing smart investors in swarms.

When first designed in the 1950s, the suburb of Medina was designed to accommodate blocks of 730 square metres or more.

Mid-century Medina had a unique claim to fame: it was designed by Western Australia’s first female town planner, Margaret Feilman, who also rebuilt parts of Darwin and Papua New Guinea after the ravages of World War II.

Since COVID-19, Medina has experienced unprecedented growth, yet family-sized homes can still be snatched up for under $350,000.

In addition, the suburb benefits from proximity to one of Perth’s most significant employment hubs, the Kwinana Industrial Area.

Each year, the 60-year-old industrial area generates over $15 billion in wealth for the city and directly employs 4,800 people, 64 per cent of whom live in the local area.

Medina also benefits from strong transport links to the Perth central business district, which lies just 30 kilometres to the north, via the city’s major southern highway.

Over the coming years, Medina is set to benefit from the City of Kwinana’s Strategic Community Plan for 2021–2031, which aims to equip the surrounding suburbs for the exponential population growth that is forecast for the coming decades.

By 2041, the Kwinana local government area (LGA) will be home to over 82,000 people and over 33,000 dwellings – offering a crucial opportunity for private investors.

The council has also offered enthusiastic support for the upcoming Westport development, which aims to move Western Australia’s major container port from Fremantle to Kwinana, in order to improve Perth’s freight congestion issues.

For those who call Medina home, the planned port could offer yet another wealth of employment options.

Simon Loo, founder of Housefinder, said: “Medina is located in one of Perth’s largest employment areas.”

“The city is currently undergoing rapid growth in population, investment and industrial expansion.”

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