Lakelands lets investors get in on the ground floor

In the northernmost reach of Mandurah, a new suburb is in the process of being developed to draw on the area’s waterside appeal.

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With several land releases already having taken place, much of the area is already home to new, bright and modern homes that are close to the busy metro hub of Mandurah as well as the quiet natural appeal of nearby lakes and waterways.

Such is the area’s appeal that it has been listed on Smart Property Investment’s FAST 50 report for 2025, identifying some of the best prospects for investors looking to make smart property purchases in the year ahead.

The report and ranking drew on the insights of a 12-strong investment expert panel and recent housing performance drawn from open-source data, which aim to give unparalleled insights into the Australian suburbs that are set for future growth.

In Lakelands, they identified the promise of future growth, coupled with customisable convenience, with buyers still able to build their ideal property from the ground up.

Current median prices for a house in Lakelands sit at $480,000, roughly equalling the median in greater Mandurah of $455,000.

Median quarterly growth in Lakelands hits the healthy figure of 4.3 per cent, with the past 12-month growth sitting at 10.3.

Gross rental yields are currently pegged at 5.8 per cent, while median rents come in at $533 per week.

Beyond the suburb itself, the greater Mandurah area is a hive of bustling activity, with new community amenities and infrastructure projects expected to add on to the existing appeal and accessibility of the area in the medium- and long-term future.

Future infrastructure development in Mandurah promises to enhance the city’s connectivity, sustainability, and overall quality of life. As the population continues to grow and urbanisation expands, several key projects are in the pipeline to meet these evolving needs.

One significant initiative is the ongoing enhancement of transportation networks. This includes potential expansions of the Mandurah train line to increase capacity and frequency, improving links to Perth and other regional centres. Additionally, road infrastructure upgrades aim to alleviate congestion and enhance accessibility within the city and surrounding areas.

In terms of sustainable development, Mandurah is focusing on initiatives to reduce environmental impact. This involves incorporating green technologies in new construction projects, promoting renewable energy sources, and implementing smart city solutions to optimise resource use and improve urban efficiency.

Future developments are set to include cultural and recreational amenities, such as new parks, community centres, and cultural precincts.

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