How to Maximise Profit without it costing you a cent!

By Aus Property Professionals 05 September 2016 | 1 minute read

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You’ve already heard countless advice on maximising profits when selling property.

And you’ve already realised these methods are costly upfront for small return.

But have you heard advice on how to maximise profit, without it costing you a cent!?

Probably not!

Whether renovating, an interior decorator, or NEW stylish furniture for your OLD home (that you will need to sell on gumtree when you move out anyway). They are all very costly methods to get little return.



My theory is simple…. You must make the buyers picture themselves living in your property to drive buyers interest. Common sense? Absolutely.

I have compiled my top 5 CENT-LESS tips below:


  • Go M.I.A in your own home.

Going “M.I.A” in your own property is my number 1 “free” tip. By this we mean, Missing In Action. You need to think like a buyer. Buyers need to believe they are walking into their future home, not that they are intruding on your family life!.

Although you love that enlarged print of Aunty Meryl’s 60th birthday, or your framed Yr 12 grad photo, this will actually make the buyer uncomfortable, like they are invading on your personal life.

Therefore, go M.I.A- remove all traces of personal items and family photos.



Straight down to figures! 39% of Aussies own a Dog, 29% a Cat, 32% neither (source: 2013 Animal Health Alliance publication, Pet ownership in Australia) and with19% having allergies, you will unwittingly lock out a very large chunk of the market if there are traces of fluffy around.

Remove all pet pictures (see #1) also pet bowls, leashes, poo and pet fur from furniture!. Oh, and don’t forget that “Beware of the dog” sign.


  • Re-organise to maximise space.

It is completely cost effective (well, actually FREE!) to re-organise for your floor space to appear more spacious.

Stand back and take a long look at each room. If there any items of furniture that are blocking your view from one side of the room to the wall opposite there may be a better place to move this item for the space to be more open.

Through some basic changes to your existing layout, the buyer may think they are getting “more bang for their buck” when comparing to other properties of the same size.

Bonus Tip- remove any clutter for a similar effect.


  • Highlight

Highlight to buyers all the local amenities and conveniences (that great coffee shop, train station, etc) so the buyer is excited to live in your neighbourhood. You can leave (neatly) just a few brochures of nearby restaurants on the counter, or even a map of the local area highlighting all the amenities close by.

Another way to “highlight” your home is to turn on all the lights (GOOD selling agents should do this anyway) so your property is bright with plenty of sunlight. Who would want to live in a dark gloomy house? trust me- turn on those lights!.


  • Clean

Does this even need to be mentioned? It is a MUST to ensure all floors are shining clean, glass is sparkling, and dishes are washed. There is no excuse for dusty skirting boards.

-Renee Edge

About the Blogger

Renee is a Chartered Accountant who loves to provide cost effective tips for maximising profits. Like all accountants she likes to count every penny and seeks to find free solutions to everyday problems.

Renee is part of the Aus Property Professionals team, directed by renowned property investor Lloyd Edge

Lloyd is a seasoned and successful investor with a portfolio in excess of $8 Million that generates its own passive income. Lloyd is a member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA)

Lloyd holds real estate licences in NSW and Queensland. He has a thorough knowledge of the Sydney and Brisbane property markets as well as key regional areas in both states.

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How to Maximise Profit without it costing you a cent!
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