More than 25pc look to raise rent

More than a quarter of landlords currently intend to raise their rent soon, according to new research.

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Landlords intending to increase their rent over the next six months numbered at 28 per cent, a study from research consultancy group, BDRC Jones Donald, found.

One in five landlords also intend to increase the number of investment properties in their portfolio over the next 12 months.

The study also found, however, that professionally managed properties are 15 per cent more likely to see positive rental returns than those that are self-managed.

The BDRC Jones Donald Australian Private Property Investor Study found 51 per cent of professionally managed properties see positive returns, compared with just 36 per cent who self-manage.


“When you consider Australian investors have seen five changes to the official cash rate in the last two years and the poorest super returns since 2007, it’s no wonder landlords are reaching out to professionals to ensure investment success,” said BDRC Jones Donald managing director, Roger Donbavand.

“In the current market, landlords are seeking advice to ensure that their investments are working hard for them. Along with real estate agent support, six out of 10 landlords would welcome receiving more information and advice from their lender,” said Dr Donbavand.  

Low rental vacancies and increasing rent returns are ‘bolstering’ investments, and overall landlords are confident in their investment choices, he said.

“Of those landlords surveyed by BDRC Jones Donald, 47 per cent had seen an increase in tenant demand and almost half had seen an increase in rental prices in their area over the last 12 months.”

The study detailed that the average investors are married, professional couples with 1.9 properties in their portfolio.

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