How to arrange the first home owner's grant

Exactly how and where can you secure your first home owner’s grant (FHOG)? Look no further, Smart Property Investment has done the homework for you.

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While the FHOG reverted back to its original $7,000 in January it still offers a huge leg up for first home buyers. And while applying for some government incentives can sometimes be a headache, you needn’t fear: the FHOG is actually relatively easy to arrange.

STEP 1 FIND A FHBG APPLICATION FORM Application forms are available for download from each state or territory government’s individual treasury website, and all of these applications are accessible via the national site

Alternatively, your lender or mortgage broker should be able to provide you with the relevant forms, so just ask.

STEP 2 SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION Once completed, you can submit your FHOG application with your state or territory revenue office or with any “approved agent” (i.e. a lender).

You can submit your application via your relevant office of state revenue once the purchase of your property has gone through.

If you’d like the funds quickly, lodge the application through your lender as they can help with a faster turnaround.

Keep in mind that the list of supporting documents required for submission with your application is also shorter if submitted through your lender, so this may be the easiest option.

STEP 3 GET IT RIGHT To avoid any delays or disruptions in receiving your grant, take the time to ensure you complete the form correctly and provide all required documentation. Your mortgage broker or lending manager should be able to offer their experience and assistance. If you’re purchasing with others, also be sure to confirm each party has fulfilled their requirements correctly.

Don’t forget, as of January this year, a cap was introduced on the FHOG. Any transaction exceeding $750,000 will no longer be eligible for the grant.

STEP 4 AVOID MISSING OUT Applications for the FHOG must be made within 12 months of the purchase date of your property, so don’t delay your application!

If you’re building, you have until one year after completion of the home (i.e. the date of the final inspection issue) to submit your application.

Also remember that there is a strict requirement that at least one applicant per grant lives in the property for a continuous period of six months within 12 months of the purchase. Failure to do this may see your benefits revoked.


How to arrange the first home owner's grant
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