The 30 Minute Reno : How to put the ‘splash’ back on your splashback

team tnTwo great ideas for reviving your kitchen splashback without doing too much hard work.

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Blogger: Paul Eslick, Justin Eslick & Geoff Doidge, The Reno Kings

Grout. Great or gross? If your kitchen already has a tile splashback, it may just be in need of a good clean. Kitchen tiles can easily become stained with food or mould in a splash area, especially in rented properties. Clean grout can transform the look of the entire kitchen. Try a bleach cleaner to eradicate mould altogether. Alternatively you could try hydrogen peroxide.

Grab an old toothbrush for cleaning grout, or a high-speed electric toothbrush to make the work even easier. After the grout has been scrubbed, dry it thoroughly and apply a fresh coat of sealer. Take care to protect your skin and eyes and the benchtops from the cleaning fluids.

An alternative approach to cleaning the grout between kitchen tiles is to cover over the mould with a grout stain. This can be found at almost any home improvement store, and can completely change the look of your kitchen tile splashback.


Just add… paint! If your old tiles just won’t do, but you don’t have the budget to completely retile an area, consider using tile paint. Specifically developed to be used over tiles, tile paint is high gloss and dries into an extremely durable hard finish, replicating the look of a ceramic tile.

Tile paint brings a completely uniform look to your kitchen splashback tiles, making your old faded and battered tiles look like new. If the tiles have a cute but old-fashioned pattern, this can be painted over as well – it will leave an ‘embossed’ effect, but the result can still be an improvement on outdated colours.

Simply clean the tiles well, prime the tiles, and then paint them. Your local hardware store should be able to give you advice on how to paint tiles successfully and safely. Finally, use a grout pen to replicate the look of fresh, clean grout lines. With a bit of care, tile paint could give you several extra years of wear out of your existing tiles. 

This is a tremendous option for quick and easy renovations – that at the same time help to increase the property value - for rental properties.

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