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Investors hoping to minimise their time spent on the market and boost their profits should consider styling their property. This can be especially helpful for those looking to increase tenant enquiry, by making the photos on the listing more impressive and making the property seem more attractive when it comes to the open home.

Either using professional furniture rental services (as Smart Property Investment magazine did with our Berkeley Vale), sourcing your own furniture for opens and inspections or doing a blend of the two, property styling is increasing in popularity and is getting proven results.

“The number of properties where they haven’t done it when they have to pull it off the market and repeat all the marketing, it’s worth spending the money on the styling,” says BG Property Styling’s Belinda Grundy.

“The most difficult part for an investor to get their head around is the opportunity cost if they don’t do it. A property sitting on the market is going to cost you.

“Engaging a property stylist early is the key.”


She explains that real estate agents are becoming far more aware that if the presentation is perfect, then it will sell, making it a consideration for investors looking to on-sell their investment and get the most profit possible.

“We haven’t had a property that hasn’t sold," she says of her success with this technique.

This not only allows those that come and view the property a chance to create an emotional connection, it also allows the photos to generate more enquiry.

Furnish and Finish’s general manager, Andrew Grant, said that this is certainly the case.

“Our experience is that you will sell your place faster and usually for a better price. The majority of properties we style will sell within a six week period.

“It hasn’t been the best market over the last few years and [styling] is growing in popularity as a way of ensuring the best market response.”

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