New hotspotting tool available

A new demand/supply based tool for finding the next suburbs to buy in has now been released.

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The online portal,, provides free suburb reports, the DSR (demand supply ratio) Score, and a number of handpicked suburbs.

Providing the ability for investors to compare ‘like for like’ on a number of crucial metrics, and to then objectively see how suburbs stack up, investors can also access this tool via their iPhone and iPad.

Other features include hand picked investment properties and a property selection index.

Smart Property Investment will be hosting new data from Hotspotcentral in the print and iPad edition of the magazine every month - see our July issue of the magazine for more.


Investors can use the tool to check the suburb’s capital growth potential, as well as compare different suburbs. They can also check the statistical reliability of each figure.

"Active investors continuously monitor market data and sell before everyone else sees the downturn and follows (often it’s not obvious until it’s too late)," explained co-founder of Hotspotcentral, Michael Fuller.

"‘Buy and monitor’ means finding opportunities to migrate your equity into the next upswing.  We see hundreds of these upswings unfolding right now at and you can monitor the eight key indicators of this in a single view," Mr Fuller said.

It notes that historically, their metric has pinpointed the top 33 per cent of suburbs with 96 per cent accuracy.

This helps highlight the list of suburbs for further, in-depth, research.

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