The 30 Minute Reno: Do you need a new roof?

team tnBefore purchasing a property, a building inspector should be brought in to report on the structural condition of the house. From this report you will be able to determine what condition the roof is in. With this information you will be able to make an informed decision on whether the roof needs replacing or just needs a little TLC to add instant value to the property. 

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Blogger: Paul Eslick, Justin Eslick & Geoff Doidge, The Reno Kings

Replacing a roof comes under 'structural renovation' in the Reno Kings' book, a large cost that will devour the renovation budget and be unlikely to give back $3-$5 for each $1 spent - at least in the short term.  

So here are some tips for overcoming smaller, manageable roofing issues and turning a problem into a profit.



If you are just repainting the roof, ensure you’re using the correct paints and match up the colour scheme to the existing roof. Keeping the original colours will assist to maintain an authentic appearance and will add character and the all-important street-appeal. Enamel based paints are usually the best option and application with a broom on an extension handle is the method favoured by Reno King, Paul Eslick.

Before painting the roof should ideally be power washed to remove dirt and debris that could interfere with the application process. A mixture of bleach and liquid detergent with water will give you a good washing solution but avoid soaps that contain oil. Roof paint should always be applied on a clean, dry, roof so before tackling a roofing project always check on forecast weather conditions. Keep in mind that enamel paints will take a long time to dry and sufficient sunlight will be needed before condensation settles on the roof after night fall.

Replacement Roof Sheeting

Where possible, always repair roofing rather than replace it – it will be a huge cost saving. When patching or replacing sections of roof sheeting, ensure the corrugations match exactly. By installing short lengths of replacement roof sheeting in between damaged existing sheeting it will repair water leaks and retain the visual texture of the roof.

Always ensure laps of the replacement roofing coincide with the existing laps and be sure the roofing materials are compatible to avoid corrosion (certain metals placed together can corrode). Colorbond sheeting is not suitable for this method of repair work.

Regular checks and patching up small holes as they appear in the roof sheeting can also assist in ensuring the roof remains leak free. Some sources report that very small holes can be repaired with a special rubber sealing tape with a foil backing – use a wire brush to remove rust, as it will continue to spread if not removed or treated. A patch soldered or welded over any small holes is reported as a quick and effective method for patching holes.

You may find it difficult to find a modern roofing contractor to use these patching methods or the slip sheeting technique but this method is effective and will save you money if you can find someone who understands the value in doing this.

Roof Replacement

In instances where the whole roof needs replacing it is recommended to employ the services of a professional, as it's a big, dangerous job and building compliance codes will need to be closely adhered too.

Whatever repair work you do to a roof always ensure top priority is given to your safety and the safety of others. If you are not experienced with the safety precautions that should be taken while working at heights, get the professionals in.


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