Is the property clock outdated?

josh atherton tnFor years property investors have been introduced to the property clock.

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Blogger: Josh Atherton, Portfolio Property Investments

 It has been the subject of many spruikers seminars showing where certain markets are at and why you should buy today. For that reason alone it has really been tarnished as a ‘sales tool’ not a research guidance tool for people investing in property.

I often think that property investors would be so much more successful if they used the ‘property clock’ guide as a foundation to their research findings. Too often those investing in property don’t use their research to formulate a finding as to where an area is on the property clock.

The fundamentals of the property clock are great in theory, we just need to put them in to practice. Imagine conducting your property investing research only to have a true understanding if your desired area to invest in property is at the bottom of the market and show signs of growth, Is in the growth stage and will continue to be for some time, has peaked and can only get worse for a while or is in the process of decline.


More of our property investing research must point us towards showing where a property market is on the clock.

About Josh Atherton
Josh Atherton is at the top of the game, making his mark on the industry alongside others from the new generation of portfolio investment experts. In recent years, the strategic approach to property investment has shifted away from the ‘negative gearing’ strategies of old. Now, well informed portfolio investment strategies are delivering solid returns for investors, and this shift is largely attributed to progressive thinking from a younger generation of investment consultants, like Josh.

From a young age, Josh’s passion was for property investing and development. Combined with his entrepreneurial flair, this steered him towards making a decision to move from Melbourne to Emerald in Queensland. During his time in Emerald, Josh immersed himself in the knowledge of the region, overcoming many hurdles, to deliver himself a $190K gross profit in just over 12 months.

In reflecting on his experience in Emerald, Josh realised he had learned from the obstacles and mistakes he’d made. In that moment, Josh decided he wanted to share his experience with other investors, so that they may avoid some of the pitfalls and curveballs inherent in developing a portfolio investment plan in an emerging region. Portfolio Property Investments was born.

Josh went on to duplicate the success from his first development in Emerald, improving on his experience with more streamlined strategies to build wealth across the next few years. He has become well regarded as one of the first specialised property experts in the region, with a loyal online following of keen investors seeking the next “hotspot” for investment.

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