6 Top Tips for Styling Your Property

Styling your property is a great way to stand out to potential buyers and put yourself in the best position for marketing.

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It is widely recognized in the real estate industry that styling your property can increase your sale price – usually by about 10 to 15 per cent, according to property stylists Furnish and Finish’s general manager Andrew Grant. However, the other primary benefit is speeding up your sale. “90 per cent of the properties we’re styling at the moment sell in less than six weeks, so the biggest benefit is that it helps move your property,” he says.

Mr Grant, along with Furnish and Finish’s managing director Tegan Grant, offer their top tips for styling your home.

1. Create space and declutter

A property with a clean and spacious feel will attract the majority of buyers


2. Colour and Light

Use largely layered neutral tones with accents of colour rather than using heavy colours which may isolate some buyers. As much as possible try and make your rooms feel light and airy and turn on all internal lights to further brighten rooms.

3. Repairs and cleaning

Make sure key items such as windows, walls and floors are clean and where possible make any necessary repairs (e.g. chipped paint on door frames). You want to ensure your buyers are not easily drawn to any negatives.

4. Depersonalise

Property styling is not interior decoration. It is about marketing your property to a broad audience so remove personal items and any other items which may isolate some buyers.

5. Appeal to your market and likely buyers

While there are a number of consistent styling fundamentals such as space and neutral tones it is important to consider requirements of potential buyers e.g. family versus young singles.

6. Make sure your styling helps you stand out from the competition

Particularly on the internet. It’s the place where most people look for properties so make sure people are drawn to your property by following the fundamentals above.

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