Majority of tenants happy with landlord

A new survey has found that almost three quarters of renters are happy and enjoy a healthy relationship with their landlord.

Real estate portal surveyed 1,241 people across the country this month and found that 73 per cent had a good relationship with their landlord.

Unsurprisingly, those who were most happy had their rent put up by no more than five dollars a week.

On the other hand, more than 22 per cent said they were now paying more than $50 a week extra compared to when they first moved in.

Almost 60 per cent felt rental increases were fair and 64 per cent felt they were paying a fair price.


Tenants’ Union of New South Wales policy officer Dr Chris Martin told The Sunshine Coast Daily that while the survey showed tenants and landlords could work together, it also showed a quarter of participants were struggling.

"The result is that too many tenants put up with unhappy situations until such time as an opportunity arises for them to move on," he said.

Dr Martin added that the number of “nightmare landlords” was falling but there were plenty that were not ideal.

"They may be ignorant of the law; they may be up to their necks in debt or otherwise have too little financial capacity to do repairs,” he said.

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