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team tnThe likelihood of termites attacking your property varies greatly depending on where you live in Australia. Here are a few quick ways to keep an eye out for termites.

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Blogger: Paul Eslick, Justin Eslick & Geoff Doidge, The Reno Kings

Areas where weather conditions tend to be a bit warmer, followed by rainfall soon after, are prone to termite attacks. If your property is situated in a tropical coastal area you are at the greatest risk of finding termites in it.

Even though they are not a member of the ant family termites are often referred to as white ants due to their creamy colour. There are approximately 350 species of termites in Australia but only about 20 or so of those species can cause extensive damage to houses.

Termites like to build their nests almost anywhere. Nests are commonly found inside trees, on posts and poles, even on and under the ground. They tend to tunnel through the soil and build mud shelter tubes up the side of existing structures so they can gain access to their building of choice.
If you do happen to find a nest, don’t disturb it if possible. Termites can travel approximately 50 metres underground from their nesting site looking for food sources, so disturbing them will only make matters worse. They feed on just about any sort of cellulose materials such as structural timbers of your home, cosmetic lining timbers, plasterboard, carpets, books, electrical insulation and even cardboard and packing crates.


Brick and steel framed homes are just as susceptible to termite attack as timber homes. Severe structural damage from termites is uncommon but cosmetic damage is far more frequent and can be extremely costly to repair. Average treatment costings by a professional can be around $1,500, but definitely a small price to pay when repairing costs of extensive damages due to termite attack can cost many thousands in replacement materials and labour.

It’s unfortunate but when a house has been affected by termite damage it can affect the resale value of the property. Some potential buyers are going to be very wary of any previous termite activity no matter how old the damage and this could cause contracts to fall over, as well as affect your asking price.

When home owners are living in their properties they are more likely to be aware of any slight changes within the home that may indicate termite activity and act accordingly. Unfortunately when your house it tenanted your tenants may not be as aware.

There are a few common signs you can look out for that may indicate termite activity:

1) Quite often they can be heard “munching” when there is activity within the timbers of your house

2) Keep an eye out for mud tubes built up against existing structures around your property

3) Hollow sounding boards can also be another indication that termites are present

If you are a landlord take heed and be pro-active, don’t wait for your tenant to tell you there’s a problem. Regular checks could save you thousands in the long run.  An annual pest inspection is like insurance - you need to have it.

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