Less red tape for NSW renovations

Investors in New South Wales will find it easier to renovate their properties under new planning laws introduced by the state government.

The changes, which take effect from February, will allow homeowners to carry out minor renovations without the need for planning permission.

Alterations such as installing an antenna, building a fence or laying a driveway will no longer require government approval.

Meanwhile, fast-track approvals will apply to a greater number of home extensions, including those partially built to one side boundary for lots between 8m and 12.5m.

Investors building new properties will also find the changes beneficial, according to planning and infrastructure minister Brad Hazzard.

“These changes, which follow more than two years of consultation, are great news for homeowners, who will be able to save up to $7,000 on the cost of building a new home by getting approval as complying development,” Mr Hazzard said.

The changes were welcomed by the NSW executive director of the Property Council of Australia Glenn Byres.

“We support continued efforts to strip needless red tape from the system as it helps lower the time and costs faced by property owners, businesses and homebuyers,” Mr Byres said.

“Residents shouldn’t have to jump through major planning hurdles if what they are doing is low impact and doesn’t affect neighbours,” he said.

According to Mr Byres, under the current system one third of regular development applications are for projects worth less than $25,000.

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