How to read property market cycles

ryancrawford tnThere has been a lot of speculation in the media lately about property prices - particularly in the northwest of Western Australia.

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Blogger: Ryan Crawford, founder & group director, Crawford Realty

This has led investors to ask a host of questions such as: how will house prices perform in the next five years? Is the mining boom over? Can real estate markets start the boom cycle again? Crawford Property Group's Group Director Ryan Crawford explains why investors need to understand the property market 'clock' in these areas to buy in before the boom.


About Ryan Crawford
ryan crawfordRyan Crawford has been involved in the property investment industry for over 10 years, making the transition from successful investor to real estate professional.


Ryan is a firm believer in the power of positive property as a wealth creation vehicle. In just eight years he had built a multi-million dollar portfolio and created a significant second income.

A decade later, having refined his strategy for wealth creation, Ryan is now dedicated to sharing his wisdom and insight to help every day Australians achieve their financial goals.

“Financial freedom is within everyone’s reach. We have enabled many investors, previously unaware of the power of positive property, to build multimillion dollar positive property portfolios. Their investments now generate enough income to support early retirement, allowing them to live the lifestyles they had always dreamed of.”

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