6 ways to increase your property's value

Cherie Barber, Renovating For Profit

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6 Ways to Increase Your Property's Value Cherie Barber There are a lot of old houses across the country that are screaming out for people to come in and cosmetically renovate them. And this is about really essentially taking a property that looks dated and tired and refreshing it to make it look good new again. The good news is this can be done very cost effectively if you know the changes of where to invest your money and where not to. Some of the key things that I always do in my cosmetic renovations are painting, ripping up the floor coverings, changing the window furnishings, updating the kitchens and bathrooms either cosmetically or ripping those areas out and starting again if the budget allows and certainly from the outside rendering and improving the landscaping. If you can do these things and concentrate on these things alone it's a great way to jack up your property value.

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