How to build a high-performing multi-property portfolio

Property investors will be given an all-access view of a multi-million-dollar portfolio and how it actually operates at an exclusive panel session in Sydney – with limited tickets still available.

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Smart Property Investment is set to unveil the secrets behind the publication’s multi-property, multi-million-dollar portfolio at the first Smart Property Investment LIVE event in Sydney.

Hosted at Sterling Publishing’s offices in North Sydney at 6pm on Thursday 3 December, the event will feature Smart Property Investment’s managing editor Phillip Tarrant, who will reveal the inner workings of his property portfolio and provide insights and tips for other investors.

Mr Tarrant will be joined by Right Property Group’s Steve Waters and Aussie Parramatta principal Ross Le Quesne, to explore how investors can build a similar and successful portfolio.

“We’ll be pulling back the covers on an actual working portfolio,” explained Mr Tarrant. “It’s money that we’ve put in ourselves. We talk about the exact decisions that we made, why we made them, how much money it cost us, where we lost money, and where we made money.”


Smart Property Investment’s portfolio consists of 11 properties spanning multiple states – worth a combined total of $4,985,000.

The portfolio has an equity position of $1,777,599 with a loan-to-value ratio of 64 per cent.

The panel will discuss the strategies employed to extract more equity from the portfolio, and the trials and tribulations of building the portfolio in the space of just 24 months.

Mr Tarrant said that hearing advice from another everyday investor, rather than someone who sells properties, carries far more weight, as no information is withheld.

“It’s a look inside an actual living, breathing portfolio – warts and all. We don’t hold anything back, we talk about everything. We don’t use vague language, we’re not selling property, we’re just talking about what we've done,” he said.

The session will show investors how to build a high-performance, high-value portfolio quickly, according to Mr Tarrant, and will also highlight ways investors can add value to their properties with simple, cost-effective renovations and makeovers.

Limited tickets are still available – just click here.


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