Uncover More Investment Options with Newly Built Homes

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Flipping a property by purchasing an existing house and renovating it has long been a great way to invest.

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However, a growing number of individuals are looking to expand their property investment portfolio with newly built homes. Not only can a newly built home allow for a great potential return on investment it can also accommodate the various requirements of investors.

Metricon is one such builder that caters to this growing market, with a range of different alternatives to suit the variety of needs of investors. Metricon has over 40 years of experience and have been awarded numerous building awards.

The Display Home

Investing in a property with the intent to rent it out can be somewhat challenging for most, since an investor does not always have a guarantee of having a long-term tenant. However, one unique solution is purchasing a display home. Display homes allow an investor the ability to purchase a high quality home in some of Australia’s best suburbs and estates.


One of the biggest benefits accompanying a display home is having a secure long-term tenant. Any maintenance issues that should arise in your display home will also be taken care of during the display period. When the display period has passed, you can count on some extra benefits, because you can always move in or rent the property out further.


The Dual Occupancy Home

Having a reasonably sized block of land could be a great investment opportunity, especially if you decide to have a Dual Occupancy development built. The principle of a dual occupancy investment is simple- two or more homes can be built on a single block of land. This allows an investor the ability to maximise the potential of their block.

Choosing a building company that can assist you with town planning, permits and local council regulations is key when undertaking a dual occupancy investment plan. Metricon are experts in this area and can assist with the process of building dual occupancy homes.

Building a dual occupancy property gives the investor some great options. They can rent out the properties, sell them or a do a mixture of both. An investor could even live in one of the properties themselves.


First-Time Home Buyer Benefits

Property is always a great potential place to start investing. It allows people to get a foot in the door on the property ladder and build a potential strong nest egg for the future

“Buying your first home can be a daunting endeavour,” says Steve Matsoukas from The Loan Gallery.

Mr Matsoukas believes that the market can be a difficult place to navigate, but his company can help.

“There’s a lot of conflicting information in the market place,” he says, “Our role is to help buyers clarify where they stand and what they need to do to get into their first home.”

The Loan Gallery is the preferred finance partner of Metricon homes and can provide credit assistance to eligible purchasers to secure tailored home loan that suits their requirements. And to make buying easy, Metricon provides home and land packages in great locations.

First time buyers could also find savings from other areas, such as the First Home Buyer Grant and reductions on the stamp duty charges depending on the location of the investment property. With so many benefits, a first home buyer is closer to becoming an investor than they might think. We can show you how.


Townhouses for Big Investment Projects

Successful property investors looking for a big investment opportunity may find townhouses and retirement living options the most interesting. Some builders can even become a partner in a joint venture relationship, which could potentially increase the value and the return of the investment, since the partner in your investment may have experience in the investment industry.

Townhouses and retirement living options are always in demand; this is why they are suitable for some of the larger investment projects. However, to be successful in your investment journey, you will need the knowledge and the expertise of an experienced investor, especially when you deal with an investment of a considerable size.


Designing and Building

Instead of hiring a separate architect and builder, there are some benefits to hiring a company that does both, for example an experienced builder/designer such as Metricon.

By hiring a company that does both, investors can use a single agency to talk through all their options. Choosing one company to execute both tasks could save an investor some money as well, since these companies tend to offer some attractive prices for their services.

A good investment is a matter of making the right choices. By searching for the right information, and choosing a reliable builder, the chances of obtaining a good investment will increase dramatically.


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